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Qualitative market research agency In India

Every business needs to study the market before they launch a product or want to understand their target audience. An independent study of the market that is widespread and presents various complications can result in incomplete research.

Our qualitative market research agency is here to help you gain a deeper understanding of your prospective customers and how can you deal with market discrepancies.

How to build your business with our market research company?

There are multiple things that we are experts in including qualitative and quantitative research. Known as one of the best market research agency, we try to come up with solutions that would help grow your business.

We combine the effort of advanced technology and human brains to come up with the best solution for your firm.

A sneak peek at our profession Services

Coverage of different sectors : As a qualitative market research agency, we don’t just specialise in a single sector. Our expertise extends to different sectors such as telecommunication, retail and manufacturing industries, consulting firms, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, social enterprises, consumer goods and services and media and entertainment.

Expert team : Our ability for success lies in having a great professional team. Our market research company is versatile and experienced in planning a systematic approach to market research.

Different approaches for different data: Market research firms all over the nation conducts different types of research for data collection. Similarly, we conduct fieldwork to collect data that is relevant and study the market for your product evaluation.

Techniques and tools : We incorporate the best tools and techniques to getaccurate data that is precise and felicitates data analysis.

Wide scope : We study global markets since companies today aspire to launch or have already launched their association in the global world. Our project managers are spread across the world to help you acquire accurate data and maintain quality.

An insight into the minds of your target audience

Our competency lies in developing a statistical data of your competitors and studying your customers. Before you embark on disseminating information about your products or services in a particular location, we study the impact that a particular geographical location could have on your products and services.

An insight into the minds of your target audience can eliminate the risk of failing with your venture. Our market research agency ensures that you attain customized research services such as technological as well as fieldwork research to give you a proper understanding of the market.

Know your customers like you know yourself!

Customer experience can help gain loyalty, sales and word-of-mouth advertising. Enhancing customer experience is a priority for every business today. Our qualitative market research agency helps you gain easy access to knowing your customers.  

Give yourself an upper edge by utilizing our services to rise to the level of your competitors and gaining an edge over them with our data analysis services.

Qualitative Fieldwork Solutions That Work

We are Qualitative fieldwork experts for market research

We are qualitative field expert to find the best solution to client’s research objective. We have best project management teams in each country with industry experts and technically advanced fieldwork tools to get accurate and precise output. Whatever we do we measure, we analyze and maintain the accuracy and quality.

Our Service Keeps you Happy

Qualitative fieldwork experts for market research

Qualitative Fieldwork

Focus-Suites is specialized in Qualitative fieldwork, which is a broad methodological approach that encompasses many fieldwork methods.

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Sensorial Fieldwork and Labs

Sensory fieldwork and evaluation are all about taking your product beyond the ability of the general consumer.

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Usability Fieldwork and Facilities

We have incorporated best practices from over few years of experience and developed a mature framework.

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Data Acquisition and Analysis

Focus-Suites approach to Data Analytics combines the company’s long-standing and deeply rooted data fieldwork.

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We are also Offering the Services below

Search Engine & Social Media Optimization Experts


Transcription provides accuracy and fast turnaround times for all fieldwork projects. Studies have shown that analyzing text is much easier than analyzing audio, so there is great value in having your fieldwork transcribed.

Sensory Labs

We have a fantastic Sensory Science Testing and Fieldwork centers in Asia. These are equipped with a large central hub kitchen ovens, chillers and freezers and store rooms.

Report Preparation

Writing a final report is an essential part of planning a business and serves as an organized way to collect and document information about your market or prospective customers.

Usability Facilities

Focus-Suites have very advance and well equipped UX labs across the major countries. The advance technic is used which help us to get best output for the research.

Note taking

Focus Suites have experience in house note takers for the fieldwork studies. We will provide the good quality and accurate information in the notes.

One-Way Mirror Facilities/ Conference Rooms

Focus-Suites have FV enabled and non-enabled facilities. We have the conference rooms for also for arranging different short meetings and also for small tasks for the market fieldwork.

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