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Market Research Transcription Services

Exceptional Market Research Transcription Services

Have you ever planned to buy something for you home? The initial process requires available resources, understanding the requirement and ultimately buying something that fits within your budget. Our market research company carries out the initial process.

We help you understand the market before you take the risk of product launch. This kind of research is integral to the success of your business. Our market research transcription services help you understand audio or video recording in the form of text that is accurate and relevant.

Subheading: Our process of market research transcription services

Our research transcription services are exceptional. We ensure that they are 99% accurate and delivered within a stipulated time-period. We have a 3-way process for computing data.

We help you understand audio and video research of focus groups, interviews and more. Today, businesses across the world rely on our data to get better understanding about their market segment.

We help to evaluate information easily and quickly. Our market research transcription rates are affordable. Our affordability does not make us compromise our quality.

What makes our market research transcription services perfect?

Our professional team of experts understand the valuation of an accurate transcription. You may not have the time to go through a video clipping or audio clipping every time you want to evaluate the response of your audience or generally study them. Our market research transcription services can help you get the data in a written form which is easy to scan and keep it for record later.

The ideal market research transcription rate

We are in the business of selling quality transcription at a price that does not exceed your expectation. Our market research transcription rates are transparent and allow you a clear purview of our pricing policy.

As part of our research transcription services we also extend certain facilities which are unique to enhancing the customer experience.

Let us take care of all your transcription needs!

Custom transcription services: We offer 3 kinds of custom transcription services: –

1. We include all kinds of expressions and nuances that appear in the original transcription if you wish to include them.

2. We make the transcription devoid of any expressions and only capture the textual format.

3. We customize the format of the transcription as per your request.

Time stamp: We set markers at every regular interval. You could request us to set it to 5 minutes or more. This will allow you time to keep the audio in sync with the text.

International language transcription: You have an audio or video in another language that needs transcription services? We have got you covered! Our team can identify strong accents and record international dialects. We can virtually transcribe most languages and have been doing so for the past years in business.

Need the best market research transcription services? We are right here! Call us or email us your requirement and we will be happy to help you.