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Mystery Shopping Agency

Mystery Shopping Agency

Secret shoppers browse through your products and services in a location and analyse the quality of these products and services. Mystery shopping is a wonderful idea that reveals the actual response to the services offered at your store, hospital, agency, customer care office etc.

Our mystery shopping agency is expert at providing ideal target audience for an analytical understanding of your business. We help to provide insights, help you get an understanding of compliance and the performance of your competitors.

How do we provide mystery shopping services?

Step #1 : We have a global data of customers with varying interests, age, location and nationality. We identify the ideal shopper for your products and services. We send them secretly to the location. If you have multiple stores, we even help to analyse the difference in customer quality and shopping experience according to the store location.

Step #2 : Our mystery shopping agency understands the value of collecting relevant data. This is the reason for selecting the ideal target audience for assessing customer quality for your business products and services.

Our mystery shopper assesses several factors such as facilities extended to the customer, infrastructure, shopping environment, décor of the outlet, billing process and the kind of interaction potential customers have with the staff.

Step #3 : After the objective and subjective assessment by the mystery shopper, our mystery shopping agency computes the data and provides helpful insight about the customer responses. Our firm understands the need to comprehend your success points and your limitations with the help of your customers.

We process the insights and come up with solutions to help improve your business procedure.

Shop Along

A shop-along includes an interviewer accompanies a consumer while they browse and shop foritems, asking questions as the experience moves along. The interviewer greets the recruited shopper at the door or recruits participants at the door for the market fieldwork. Much like  IHUTs, shop-alongs are an excellent methodology for collecting real-time,  in the moment, and point-of-purchase (POP) feedback.

Retail stores and grocery stores are often the most popular locations for shop-alongs. Shop-alongs work best if the consumer is planning on spending some time in the store as part of a bigger experience

The significance of mystery shopping for your business

Have you ever wondered what actual customers think about your products and services? How do you compare with your competitors? Are your employees performing according to your expectation? Are you lacking in your selling process?

These are questions that you can get answered with the help of our mystery shopping agency. We have collated the significance of mystery shopping opportunities:

  Enhance quality service : A secret shopper can uncover the kind of service provided to customers at the store or hospital or any other location of your business. This helps to understand how your employees lack or achieve customer satisfaction.

  Improve sales : You may have put a lot of effort into marketing and advertising your product. However, if there is any limitation in the selling process our mystery shopper can help uncover it for you and thereby contribute to increasing your sales.

  Uncover potential business threats : A lot of businesses can’t understand what kind of business threats may loom ahead. Mystery shoppers study the behaviour of employees and their conversations to uncover any deceit or fraud they may be conducting.

  Take informed decisions : The insights provided by our mystery shopping agency helps businesses formulate future business strategies. You will be able to create a marketing plan in line with what works and what does not with the help of our audit report.

  Build reputation and image : The reputation and image are everything to a business. A lot of efforts and energy goes into building the reputation of a firm. We help to analyse how your customer’s requests are being tended to and how responsive are employees post sale of the product.