One-Way Mirror Facilities/ Conference Rooms

1) One way mirror Facilities( with Focus Vision Capabilities)

Focus-Suites have FV enabled and non-enabled facilities in major countries. In some of the countries we have more than 2 facilities in main cities of the country ex. India, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt etc.

The moderator can conduct the discussion in the respondents’ room. The clients can observe the live discussion from the back room via a one way mirror or other room via CCTV surveillance and a screen set up etc. Observation rooms are connected to the focus group setting by a one-way mirror set up. Also there are rest rooms for the clients.

2) Conference Rooms:-

We have the conference rooms for also for arranging different short meetings and also for small tasks for the market fieldwork.

Our professional, friendly service that is second to none.

Independent moderator service is available.