Qualitative Fieldwork

Focus-Suites is specialized in Qualitative fieldwork, which is a broad methodological approach that encompasses many  fieldwork methods. The aim of qualitative fieldwork may vary with the disciplinary background, such as a psychologist seeking to gather an in-depth understanding of  human behavior and the reasons that govern such behavior. Qualitative methods examine the  why and  how of  decision making, not just  whatwherewhen, or “who”, and have a strong basis in the field of sociology to understand government and social programs.

Our fieldwork involves looking in-depth at non-numerical data. There are several sources of qualitative data, including archival records, artifacts, participant observation (which can be either covert or overt), interviews, and focus groups etc.

We are specialized in analyzing information conveyed through language and behavior in natural settings. It is used to capture expressive information not conveyed in quantitative data about beliefs, values, feelings, and motivations that underlie behaviors

We offer variety of methods of data collection in qualitative fieldwork, including observations, textual or visual analysis (eg from books or videos) and interviews (individual or group). However, the most common methods used, particularly in healthcare fieldwork, are interviews and focus groups. Like consumer it can also be ethnography, immersions etc.

Purpose of Qualitative fieldwork

The purpose of the qualitative fieldwork is to explore the views, experiences, beliefs and/or motivations of individuals on specific matters (eg factors that influence their attendance at the dentist). Qualitative methods, such as interviews, are believed to provide a ‘deeper’ understanding of social phenomena than would be obtained from purely quantitative methods, such as questionnaires. 1 Interviews are, therefore, most appropriate where little is already known about the study phenomenon or where detailed insights are required from individual participants. They are also particularly appropriate for exploring sensitive topics, where participants may not want to talk about such issues in a group environment.

At FOCUS-SUITES we join hands with client to provide Qualitative data analysis the process in which we move from the raw data that have been collected as part of the fieldwork study and use it to provide explanations, understanding and interpretation of the phenomena, people and situations which we are studying

We begin Analyzing as Data is Being Collected. Qualitative data analysis should begin as soon as you begin collecting the first piece of information. The moment the first pieces of data are collected you should begin reviewing the data and mentally processing it for themes or patterns that were exhibited.

With qualitative fieldwork, it doesn’t focus on the numbers or percentages. It digs deeper in to what creates those numbers or percentages.  Qualitative fieldwork gives us answers to questions that cannot be answered by a digit.

Additional Services:-

1) Transcription Services

Transcription provides accuracy and fast turnaround times for all fieldwork projects. Studies have shown that analyzing text is much easier than analyzing audio, so there is great value in having your fieldwork transcribed.

We have highly skilled and seasoned transcribers who can take up the job. We guarantee accuracy and confidentiality.

Statistics prove that analyzing is easier when browsed in textual format.

The need for accuracy in market fieldwork is important for the success of the marketing research project or program; Focus-Suits provide a reliable and professional transcription source and also confidentiality of audio and transcript. We have the experience and expertise to transcribe your files to allow for easy perusing and analysis.

2) Report Preparation:-

Writing a final report is an essential part of planning a business and serves as an organized way to collect and document information about your market or prospective customers.  A final report with complete analysis is very much important for the clients to make changes to their marketing process, marketing strategies.  These changes can help them to get more business from the time and money spends on marketing.

There are topline report, summary reports and a full reports prepared by Focus-Suites according to the requirements of the clients.

We have dedicated team of Moderator and industry experts to work on the report for the fieldwork conducted for the clients.

3) Note taking

Focus Suites have experience in house note takers for the fieldwork studies. We will provide the good quality and accurate information in the notes.

Fieldwork Facilities:-

We have our facilities strategically located at the main centers of the countries where we can easily reach to the respondents like B2B, Customers and Healthcare professions etc.

Facilities are designed to provide a space to conduct and view focus group sessions, one-on-one interviews, triads etc.

Our facilities do provide catering services ( for the respondents and for clients), hostess and Audio and Video recording the sessions.

Our facilities are located in most convenient locations, close to the city centre, easily accessible, plenty of free parking, but without struggling in city centre traffic.

Easily reached by all demographics

  • Remote video access to view and download the session from the comfort of your own office
  • Plenty of free parking
  • Intimate, relaxed environment
  • Catering Facility
  • Audio and Video Recording Facility
  • Fully equipped
  • High internet and wifi

Types of Facilities:-

1) One way mirror Facilities( with Focus Vision Capabilities)

Focus-Suites have FV enabled and non-enabled facilities in major countries. In some of the countries we have more than 2 facilities in main cities of the country ex. India, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt etc.

The moderator can conduct the discussion in the respondents’ room. The clients can observe the live discussion from the back room via a one way mirror or other room via CCTV surveillance and a screen set up etc. Observation rooms are connected to the focus group setting by a one-way mirror set up. Also there are rest rooms for the clients.

2) Conference Rooms:-

We have the conference rooms for also for arranging different short meetings and also for small tasks for the market fieldwork.

Our professional, friendly service that is second to none.

Independent moderator service is available.