Retail Audits Market Research In India – Focus Suites

Retail Audit Market Research

Retail Audits Market Research In India

Every year you set aside a large portion of your budget for marketing, advertising, promotions, POS and develop strategies without understanding your target audience. Most businesses have little understanding about-

a) Retail operations

b) Compliance with policies at every store

c) Brand effectiveness in stores

d) Actual ROI on expenditure.

Our renowned company encompasses vast measures of conducting retail market research for your business. We help to evaluate the performance of your store with our retail audits market research technique.

Our retail audit report helps you understand your investment for sales channels and whether the retail outlets can give the expected ROI for that expenditure.

We analyse your consumers with retail market research

Understanding consumer behaviour can help you market your product to the right group of people. We study the present requirement of your consumers and suggest any modifications that can help boost the sale of your products and services.

We help you provide an in-depth report for increasing future sales. We cover the following factors:

  Assessing customer needs : You may have an established firm, or you may be a start-up, in both cases, you would need to understand the needs of your consumers. We help devise technology and human interaction with your proposed target audience to help decipher their needs.

  Psychological conditions that propel buying: We study focus groups or communicate with buyers to understand the psychology behind their buying behaviour for your products and services. We also study your competitor products so that you can get a better perspective about what kind of strategies they implement for propelling higher sales.

  Motivators and barriers of retail : We comprehend POS of every retail store and give you a detailed report about motivators and barriers for the sale of your products and services.

  Analysing displays and store promotions : Sometimes, the expected response for displays outside the store may not be rewarding. We help to uncover which displays work out best for your retail store and which fail to capture the interest.

  Employee response to customers : We study the effect of response given by employees recruited by you for managing your store. This helps to understand the effectiveness of sales process and whether employees can absolve customer queries or not. Usually, employers need to train employees according to the values and incentivise them to get more sales. This can have a positive impact on your sales.

We analyse your consumers with retail market research

Our detailed retail audits market research gives information regarding various factors such as:

We make use of various advanced technological tools to assess these components listed above. We have an in-house team of experts that drive the successful completion of every project we undertake.

Our retail audit report gauges the positioning of your branding efforts objectively and devises cost- effective solutions to enhance sales for your business. We don’t just give back textual reports that convey numerical jargon we help your business by strategizing in numerous ways you can plan the future of your business!