Usability Facilities

We’ve incorporated best practices from over few years of experience and developed a mature framework that is optimized for all kinds of UX projects—complex, international or mission-critical. We offer proven design methodology. Our fieldwork is from executive intent and digital strategy to the final design product—in one unbroken Golden Thread. We often customize this process to suit your organizational needs.

We offer a complete set of UX offerings including UX strategy, innovation, user fieldwork, structural design, detailed design, testing and validation—complete with detailed methods, time estimates and templates.

We assure our clients of not just world class UX design consulting, but also stringent quality management processes throughout our operations—from administration through systems support.

We understand the challenges of fieldwork successfully for users across multiple cultures or for new markets. Our team employs specialized fieldwork skills to successfully understand and design for the entire ecosystem around users from different cultures and markets, especially emerging markets.

A low initial investment in UX can prove costly in the long run—longer development time, designing features customers won’t use, failing to create a knowledge base that can be leveraged for future projects, and possibly even rejection by customers.

Our project scopers create the most efficient UX plan for you—to increase efficiency and effectiveness of your process and produce designs that deliver high customer satisfaction within your timeframe.

The UX field is complicated. Focus has mature practitioners on the job, with decades of experience. Those experts will ensure that the overall design is solved strategically, with the right structure, and high quality detailed design. We can bring to bear creative solutions that will save you design time and avoid expensive rework. Our experts will work on the project and not just be there for the sales process.