Usability Fieldwork

We’ve incorporated best practices from over few years of experience and developed a mature framework that is optimized for all kinds of UX projects—complex, international or mission-critical. We offer proven design methodology. Our fieldwork is from executive intent and digital strategy to the final design product—in one unbroken Golden Thread. We often customize this process to suit your organizational needs.

We offer a complete set of UX offerings including UX strategy, innovation, user fieldwork, structural design, detailed design, testing and validation—complete with detailed methods, time estimates and templates.

We assure our clients of not just world class UX design consulting, but also stringent quality management processes throughout our operations—from administration through systems support.

We understand the challenges of fieldwork successfully for users across multiple cultures or for new markets. Our team employs specialized fieldwork skills to successfully understand and design for the entire ecosystem around users from different cultures and markets, especially emerging markets.

A low initial investment in UX can prove costly in the long run—longer development time, designing features customers won’t use, failing to create a knowledge base that can be leveraged for future projects, and possibly even rejection by customers.

Our project scopers create the most efficient UX plan for you—to increase efficiency and effectiveness of your process and produce designs that deliver high customer satisfaction within your timeframe.

The UX field is complicated. Focus has mature practitioners on the job, with decades of experience. Those experts will ensure that the overall design is solved strategically, with the right structure, and high quality detailed design. We can bring to bear creative solutions that will save you design time and avoid expensive rework. Our experts will work on the project and not just be there for the sales process.

  • Focus provides the following services for usability:-
  • A high level cross-channel UX fieldwork
  • Innovation projects
  • Usability testing
  • Expert reviews
  • Experiments
  • Ecosystem fieldwork (sometimes called contextual inquiry)
  • Structural design
  • Detailed design
  • Continuous metrics-based usability improvements

Focus has sufficient UX staff members. These practitioners are less likely to be fully committed or completely familiar with UX practices and tools.

A serious UX project cannot rely on the expertise of a few craftspeople. There needs to be oversight and control of the program. Focus-Suites have a project management office to ensure that the work stays on track. We provide quality assurance to ensure solid and consistent design. We are fully capable to take steps to manage the issues that invariably come up.

You will want to find a UX firm that can provide a detailed methodology and associated templates. You don’t want a vendor that works in an ad hoc manner, or needs to develop their process and templates from scratch. These approaches take time, budget, and staff away from your project. It is important that the firm follows their own methods regularly.

We have a team of experts that the focus of UX work in client domain (e.g., UX for medical systems must meet government standards, save lives, and be able to show due diligence if any legal questions arise. Or, in e-commerce, UX should focus on conversion, size of basket, and customer retention).

We have defined a series of intense evaluation methods, formed and enhanced over the last few years of our collective experience, aligned to the diverse needs and challenges of projects.


Conducted by veteran UX professionals without engaging end users


Conducted with representative customers or actual end users

Expert UX Review

During our Expert UX review, the user is the main point of reference and analysis is done in the context of the business objectives, user’s goals and overall experience.

Why do it?

  • Get strategic feedback on your user journeys, goals and experience along with detailed design evaluation at any point of your development cycle
  • Get rapid and immediate feedback for changes before engaging with end-users
  • What do you get?
  • A detailed report that lists out potential issues and prioritized recommendations centered on the UX and based on best practices and scientific principles
  • A scorecard which provides a reusable framework for evaluating where improvements are most needed before your next release

Expert UX Review detailed consulting sheet

Combine Performance and Persuasion

Competitive Review

What is it?

This method screens competitors’ sites against a set of predefined criteria and tasks and provides insights into the competitive landscape.

Focus-Suites and your stakeholders first reach a consensus of which relevant competitors to assess. Next a UX professional reviews the competitors and your existing website or application and presents a detailed report about commonalities and potential areas of improvement.

Why do it?

  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of competing approaches
  • Get insights into new features and presentation techniques and generate ideas for unique methods
  • Discover what is needed to compete in the same playing field

What do you get?

  • A detailed report that lists out potential areas for improvement and alternate approaches
  • A scorecard which provides a reusable framework for evaluating where your site or application currently stands against the competition

Usability Testing                            

What is it?

This method of testing with representative users helps identify ergonomic “bugs,” and recommend precise design solutions and can be implemented throughout the system life cycle. We use a variety of testing techniques to match the deliverable being refined and the type of feedback needed. The most common technique is to identify typical tasks and observe users performing them in our usability lab.

When classical testing is not feasible because of costs and an inability to travel to various locations with technical infrastructure we conduct testing remotely. Remote Usability Testing (RUT) is the breakthrough FOCUS-SUITES has achieved, wherein we successfully run tests across geographies and time zones from our sophisticated remote testing labs in our FOCUS-SUITES offices.

Why do it?

  • Confirm the appropriateness of design
  • Minimize the need for recoding and redevelopment

What do you get?

  • A detailed report that outlines the methods and has an analysis of the results (metrics), along with design recommendations
  • Usability Testing detailed consulting sheet

User-centered design

Focus Centered Design philosophy uncovers user’s emotions and conceptual model, uses that to inform the structure and detailed design, and finally validates with actual users to ensure that it meets their growing needs and expectations.

Our 3 step process

  • Define the user-interface structure

What is it?

focus successful high-level architecture makes our clients’ sites self-evident, easy to navigate, and visually compelling. This structure is the foundation for design that has the potential of engaging users and helping you meet your business goals, taking into account the three key factors – persuasion, emotion and trust .

Why do it?

  • Help users to immediately understand what is available and how to find it
  • Achieve persuasiveness and emotional impact while meeting business objectives
  • Set the stage for usability testing of the site architecture and subsequent detailed design
  • Provide an extensible basis for future development

What do you get?

  • A detailed analysis report, showcasing the user’s key drives and blocks, a roadmap diagram of key conversion points and the site strategy
  • High-level site flow illustrating the concept and scope of the site framework
  • Prototype design of the high-level structure with an initial set of primary and some secondary screens demonstrating the relationship between the structure and its content
  • Create detailed design screens and prototypes

What is it?

  • Detailed screen design follows naturally from FOCUS-SUITES’s high-level architecture that makes our clients’ sites efficient and easy to navigate. We make sure that the designs fit the users’ tasks, motivate them, and optimize screen performance. The focus is on creating a clear visual hierarchy, making content consumable and using the right interaction controls that map to your user’s conceptual model.

Why do it?

  • Translate the persuasion blueprint laid down by the user interface structure into corresponding images, copy and other graphical or interactive elements
  • Identify where and how to use design elements in the user flows to have the desired persuasion impact
  • Create designs that are visually compelling with a visual language that makes the key pages relatable, prominent and inviting
  • Apply field-tested, scientific human factors design principles to achieve a proper blending of effective labeling systems, text presentation and appropriate use of color to enhance content structure and simplify decision making

What do you get?

  • Written report with detailed screen layout
  • Graphically treated pages that incorporate the visually treated persuasive elements
  • High-level site flow illustrating the concept and scope of the site framework
  • Prototype (if required)
  • Validate the design concepts

What is it?

  • In this phase, we go back to the end-customers/ users of your product/service and test the new concept, eliciting from them their feelings around it, whether it is something they would be persuaded to use and if the design is adequate to achieve your business goals.
  • This validation is significantly different from a regular usability testing session and the purpose is more about whether users WILL rather than if they CAN.

Why do it?

  • Gives us focus and helps us get answers to the important questions in an unbiased way
  • Consolidated results that can be used to prioritize the next steps in terms of design

What do you get?

  • A detailed analysis report with methods used, results and design recommendations

Omni-Channel UX strategy

If any projects produce incongruent deliverables across customer channels and customer experience does not reflect executive’s intent or business goals that time focus have a strategy to resolve it

We help create a cohesive strategic solution that supports a holistic customer experience, incorporates executive intent and aligns with business goals.

The focus-Suites approach

  • Start with your executive intent and business goals
  • Define what motivates your customers to change their behavior
  • Determine what a cross-channel solution that creates a cohesive ecosystem looks like
  • Fieldwork what drives your customer’s needs and what will limit their engagement
  • Create the strategic plan to attain a coherent aligned experience

From vision to customer motivation

Continuous evaluation and enhancement

At FOCUS-SUITES we have developed a scorecard based on the five UX dimensions below that summarizes issues and gives a quantitative metric that can be used to periodically evaluate your design. We evaluate your design and generate a score on a 100-point scale that can be tracked as a benchmark and provides directional indication of progress.

Five UX dimensions

  • Navigation and information architecture
  • Presentation
  • Content
  • Interaction
  • Value and usefulness

If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it

Our UX scorecard and dashboard are powerful strategic planning and communication vehicles between UX teams and the business. They provide a common language for business teams to use when discussing where the UX stands against the ideal 100-point score, against their competitors, and against themselves over time.

Focus-Suites’ program will guide you towards creating a repeatable and systematic process to monitor your data, benchmark and improve your design and measure the success of UX initiatives.

Usability Testing Labs:-

Focus-Suites have very advance and well equipped UX labs across the major countries.

The advance technic is used which help us to get best output for the research.

We mostly used the one way mirror facilities for these studies. It suited to performance testing because we can better control the test environment.

Our facilities have basic features as follow:-

  • Well equipped
  • Advance technological support
  • High speed internet
  • With the neutral environment to provide comfort and ease to respondents